Eliminating unnecessary packaging is an important way to protect our natural resources. Our client cares about the environment as much as we do, and we provide opportunities for our client to reduce the amount of packaging at the time of purchase. This helps us reduce our environmental footprint while improving the overall shopping experience for our client.

Our store associates are also passionate about waste reduction. We listen to their feedback and make changes where possible to avoid redundancies or unnecessary material use. We work to minimize waste and lessen the amount of materials that our goods are shipped in, which also helps our store associates become more efficient when processing shipments.

We have made great strides with our waste minimization efforts, and have discovered that even small changes can lead to significant environmental benefits. Our projects include:

Through our ANNCares360 program, we partner with Good360, a nonprofit that connects business with local charities in need, to donate gently used visual displays, fixtures and other materials to local charities. This program helps us minimize waste in our operations since most of these items are not reused. To date, we have donated over 560,000 lbs. of goods to charities that benefit women and children. Read more here
We are reducing the amount of paper we use to communicate with the stores through their daily reports. We continuously evaluate our communications and look for opportunities to provide information electronically.
We provide guidelines to our associates about the amount of tissue included with purchases, and clients are given the option of declining the service. These efforts have resulted in a significant reduction in tissue paper use at our stores.
Recycling is a challenge for ANN INC., as the majority of our waste is collected and sorted by our landlords and we are restricted by the availability of municipal recycling facilities. However, we recycle wherever the municipalities or landlords provide programs, and have been working with industry partners and landlord companies to find a collaborative solution.
We have policies in our stores that encourage the reuse of plastic hangers shipped with our product. The shipping hangers used for outerwear, jackets and dresses have been specifically redesigned so that they can be provided to the client and reused. Stores have also been provided with guidelines regarding hanger storage and reuse to minimize reorders when possible.

Reusable Barricades
We replaced traditional drywall barricades used during our store construction projects with reusable barricades. We also have changed our barricade graphic substrate from vinyl to an environmental friendly material. These barricades are estimated to help us avoid sending 100 tons of waste to landfills every year.