We have found numerous ways to reduce waste around our corporate offices. These include:
•  Creating a formal hanger reuse program to reduce waste and office clutter.
•  Collecting trims, fabrics and other supplies to donate to Materials for the Arts, a program that provides materials to local art programs and schools.
•  Creating a Green Champions program focused on raising awareness of sustainability programming and promoting recycling around all four of our corporate offices.

Our Distribution Center in Louisville, Kentucky is certified as a Gold-Level Zero Waste Facility by the U.S Zero Waste Building Council. We divert approximately 97% of our waste from entering landfills, and have committed to continuously improving on that amount. We recycle all of the cardboard and poly bag waste generated, as well as electronics, metals, paper and plastics.  

Packaging provides a great opportunity for waste reduction, and we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our packaging while still protecting our products in the shipping process. We reduced our poly bag use by approximately 40 million poly bags per year by wrapping our products more efficiently, and have avoided over 65,000 lbs of plastic by phasing out button bags on our garments.

One of the key waste streams at our Distribution Center in Louisville, Kentucky is cardboard. The vast majority of cardboard that passes through our Distribution Center is used to send goods to our stores or is bailed and recycled.

Shoe Boxes
We have redesigned our shoe boxes to use less material and to be more efficient in freight.

We have instituted a number of initiatives that have reduced the amount of plastic generated through the use of our poly bags, button bags and hangers. We have decreased the number of items shipped in individual poly bags for greater efficiencies and have phased out button bags where possible on our garments. These efforts have yielded significant waste reduction over time.