We have rigorous programs, policies and procedures in place to provide a positive impact on the lives of the workers who make our products.

Our Code of Conduct is the foundation of our approach to ethical sourcing and provides our expectations for protecting workers’ rights and the environment. They are grounded in the eight fundamental ILO Conventions and Recommendations, which are also covered in the ILO’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (1998). While the Code outlines our high standards, we know that their effectiveness depends on the rigor and quality of our training and monitoring programs, remediation plans and supplier relationships. The Code of Conduct is provided to all our suppliers.

We have developed a range of policies and programs to expand our influence and drive improved performance. These include aligning our Sourcing and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) teams around responsible sourcing. We are committed to fulfilling our obligations to our suppliers. Payment terms are typically standardized and clearly agreed in advance, supporting our commitment to pay our suppliers on time.

Our Code of Conduct is shared with suppliers during their onboarding process. The Code defines labor, health, safety and environmental guidelines and specifically addresses our zero tolerance issues such as child labor, denied access, bribery, forced labor, human trafficking, discrimination, unauthorized subcontracting, extreme health and safety violations and environmental conditions.

Any findings of zero tolerance issues requires immediate corrective action and remediation and where necessary ANN may terminate its business relationship with any supplier who is unwilling to comply with these terms.

We work closely with our suppliers to improve facility conditions and actively work to solve compliance issues when they arise. By reviewing all of our efforts and evaluating their impacts, we are continuously learning how to drive long-lasting change, while holding ourselves and our suppliers to the highest ethical standards.


Code of Conduct
Our Code of Conduct informs our suppliers of our expectations for compliance with labor and environmental standards and applicable laws. These are the minimum standards a supplier must meet in order to maintain a working relationship with us. In 2014, we updated our Code to align with the 100,000 Women Commitment and promote practices that support and empower women in manufacturing facilities.
Our Corporate Social Responsibility department assesses and approves all sourcing countries before any business can be placed. This minimizes the risk of human rights abuses and social compliance issues.
Policy on
ANN INC. and its parent company, ascena Retail Group, Inc., are committed to ensuring metals and other minerals contained in our merchandise are sourced, produced and used in an ethical and socially responsible manner.

We expect our suppliers to avoid the use of conflict minerals that may finance or otherwise benefit armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and its adjoining countries. In addition, we expect suppliers to cooperate fully in our conflict minerals program, including by providing complete, accurate, and timely responses to all our inquiries. Noncompliance with our conflict minerals program could result in penalties, up to and including termination of the business relationship.

Please click here to view our detailed conflict minerals policy.
Our Corporate Social Responsibility department reviews and approves new facilities prior to their manufacturing our product. We only approve those suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to social compliance, who are transparent about their compliance performance and who meet our environmental expectations.
in Supply
Chains Act
We have a strict policy against slavery and human trafficking. In compliance with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (CA SB 657), we are pleased to share the ongoing actions we and our suppliers are taking to prevent the use of slavery and human trafficking in our direct supply chain. Our complete policy is available here.
Worker &
Safety in
While our brands, Ann Taylor, LOFT and Lou & Grey, do not source from the factories impacted by the 2013 tragedies, we would like to share the actions we are taking to address worker and building safety in Bangladesh. Please click here for more information.
We do not knowingly sell products that use raw materials sourced from any country that condones the use of forced child labor, and we have specifically implemented a policy prohibiting the sourcing of cotton from Uzbekistan. We joined the Responsible Sourcing Network (RSN), the American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA) and global apparel companies to sign a pledge not to knowingly source cotton harvested using forced child labor from Uzbekistan. Read more about our policy here.
It is important to us that our products are manufactured in a responsible manner and are safe and of a consistent, high quality for our clients. Through our Animal Welfare program, we drive humane and ethical sourcing practices into our raw material sources. Read more about our policy here.
We do not use sandblasting on any of our products and has established a policy banning the technique in order to fully protect factory workers from the risks associated with the practice. Sandblasting is a technique used to give garments a worn-out look. Studies have shown that the practice may pose a serious health risk to workers who perform sandblasting during the manufacturing process, even when appropriate health and safety measures are in place.