ANN CONNECTs is our signature capacity building program for our strategic suppliers. This program drives ongoing supplier engagement and enables us to work together to promote best practices in social and environmental performance.

ANN CONNECTs builds a network of Compliance Officers and allows
members to share best practices.
ANN CONNECTs is our signature capacity building program for strategic suppliers to help them build best-in-class internal compliance systems. Through ANN CONNECTs, we drive our suppliers to uphold positive factory conditions, implement programs to improve worker’s lives and drive supply chain sustainability.

We recognize that auditing alone will not drive long-term change in our supply chain, and ANN CONNECTs provides a platform for us to work with our strategic suppliers to provide the tools to strengthen their programs and deliver strong performance at their facilities. Suppliers work regularly with ANN INC.’s CSR staff for ongoing support and direction, as well as have opportunities to engage with their peers.

We also provide ANN CONNECTs suppliers the tools to build best-in-class supply chain sustainability programs.
One of the unique benefits of ANN CONNECTs is the opportunity for suppliers to meet and collaborate with their peers. We engage with our suppliers regularly through in-person training sessions and dual language webinars. During program meetings, ANN CONNECTs suppliers receive training on best practices and innovative compliance programs, learn about new issues, discuss compliance challenges and share ideas with factories from other countries. These experiences help us move compliance forward and build an engaging and collaborative environment for our suppliers.
ANN CONNECTs continues to put theory into practice. Recently, we focused on providing support to our suppliers to better manage their social/ labor and environmental performance through better KPI management and providing tools with clear targets.

We engaged our ANN CONNECTs suppliers’ CSR teams to review how to better manage the social/ labor performance of their supply chain, with a set of KPI management and reporting tools that we reviewed and discussed as a group. Moreover, we introduced a focus on women’s empowerment, and developed a set of KPIs with guidelines to evaluate and measure suppliers’ performance in this area.

We also shared how to follow the Higg Index’s environmental module, and build better environmental management systems that are the foundation of strong sustainability performance.
We are committed to building the CSR performance of our strategic suppliers and are continuously looking for the next generation of supplier engagement and training programs. We will continue to strengthen our relationships with the CSR staff of our suppliers and expand our efforts to further align CSR with business priorities, including environmental sustainability.