Our stores make up nearly 93% of ANN INC.’s overall carbon footprint. We continue to take significant steps to reduce our impact at the store level, and to help our clients feel confident that ANN INC. is making progress towards operating sustainably.

We have invested in energy efficient technologies which help us lower our carbon footprint and reduce energy use. We have installed over 90,000 energy efficient LED lights in more than 600 of our stores across all of our brands. This new lighting is up to 72% more energy efficient than our previous bulbs, and will help us reduce our environmental footprint even further. The lights also emit less heat and reduce the burden on our air conditioning systems. In addition to the environmental benefits, the lights make the product look great and enhance our client’s experience in the store.

Ann Taylor Store with old lighting
Ann Taylor Store with energy efficient LEDs

The Store Facilities team has been making additional efficiency improvements to our stores, including systems that deliver both environmental benefits and cost savings. These changes include:
•  Reducing excess lighting in the back of house stock areas
•  Installing timers in the windows to automatically turn lights on and off at the appropriate times

We recognize that our associates are key to our success in reducing our environmental impact. Associates are trained on our Corporate Social Responsibility programs during their orientation process and learn how they can help us minimize our environmental impact. Through our Ann Conserves Energy (ACE) program, we have empowered store associates to reduce energy by providing training, reporting on their progress and contests.

Our store associates are also passionate about waste reduction. We listen to their feedback and make changes where possible to avoid redundancies or unnecessary material use. We work to minimize waste and lessen the amount of materials that our goods are shipped in, which also helps store associates become more efficient when processing shipments.

Every quarter, stores receive a Corporate Social Responsibility Newsletter, with information on ANN INC.’s progress and goals and ways they can continue to contribute to reducing our environmental footprint.

“I think it’s great to be part of something, anything that benefits the environment, the community or other people. We all want to do every little bit that we can, and at LOFT even the little things are recognized. Whether it’s shutting off the lights or reusing paper, all of those little things add up to being recognized as a top-performing store. It’s a great thing to be acknowledged.”