Our corporate offices make up approximately 3% of our carbon footprint. While this is small relative to our stores, we continue to undertake many efforts to reduce our impact and decrease our energy use at these locations.

Our New York corporate office building has been awarded the prestigious ENERGY STAR certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA’s ENERGY STAR program designates commercial buildings and industrial plants that rate in the top 25% of facilities in the U.S. for energy efficiency. We have also installed energy efficient LED light bulbs in many areas of our office.

Energy efficiency is a focus for our three data centers, where we use energy to power our servers and keep the areas where they are housed cool. Programs to increase energy efficiency have included installing efficient chillers, purchasing only ENERGY STAR certified machines and increasing operating efficiency by installing high efficiency uninterruptible power support.

Inside our Louisville, Kentucky Distribution Center
Our Distribution Center in Louisville, Kentucky also makes up approximately 4% of our carbon footprint. To reduce this impact even further, our Transportation, Distribution and Logistics teams have made impressive strides in creating greater efficiencies.

Our Distribution Center has undertaken many projects to reduce its energy use and carbon footprint. We have installed energy efficient lighting and fixtures, and have added motion sensors throughout the offices. Our roof has been designed to include sky lights, which allow more natural light into the building and installed energy efficient lighting in the parking lot.

Our Logistics team also has many programs that reduce the emissions of shipping our products by consolidating the number of containers shipped from facilities to stores. They also work closely with Global Sourcing teams to minimize air shipments and choose ocean freight whenever possible.

Finally, all our primary trucking vendors are active participants in the U.S. EPA’s SmartWay program, a collaboration designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector.