Our corporate ANN Cares Disaster Relief Fund provides support to our Associates who have been affected by tragedy or disaster. Through the relief fund, we have been able to provide financial support to Associates, in the U.S. and internationally, who have experienced hardships due to natural disasters.
ANN Cares about our Associates
  At ANN INC. we invest in our Associates by providing them with the support and tools they need to be successful at work and in their personal lives. In times of crisis, we are able to utilize our ANN Cares Disaster Relief Fund to provide support when it is needed most. Hear from one of our associates on how ANN INC. supported them through Hurricane Sandy.


In 2013, the Philippines were hit by super-typhoon Haiyan, which devastated much of the central part of the Philippines, and swept through coastal areas in northeastern Vietnam. In addition to a generous corporate donation, ANN INC. associates in the Hong Kong and New York offices got together to support victims in the Philippines and raised additional funds through sample sales and other team efforts.

In 2009, the Philippines was hit by a massive typhoon, pouring down a month’s worth of rain in 12 hours, triggering landslides and flooding and displacing more than 450,000 people. Unfortunately, several of our own associates and their families as well as our Suppliers were among the impacted group. Our associates stepped in to provide urgent support for these families through corporate and associate donations. Additionally, our associates from Hong Kong and the Philippines participated in the distribution of food to those affected associates.
“ANN INC. is a name that not only stands for the product it sells, but also conveys a human approach in doing business. After the typhoons in the Philippines in 2009 that devastated tens of thousands of lives in our country, we could see ANN INC. responding quickly with the Philippines companies who make their product. Literally working hand in hand with its business partners, the local government and the community leaders, ANN INC. was able to respond quickly in delivering the much needed aid in these affected communities. They also went extra lengths to assess the damage by fording flood water in the ravaged districts, and interacting directly with the communities and affected employees. ANN INC. does care! They put a human face behind business by engaging their employees in responding to the needs of their partners. We value the partnership we have with ANN INC.!”

– Key Philippines Supplier

In response to the Haiti earthquake relief effort, our Company was proud to partner with Fashion Delivers to donate samples and merchandise. The Company was able to collect and donate a total of 745 clothing items. In addition, our Company designated a special piece of jewelry to sell to raise money for the relief effort, and ultimately donated 30 percent of all February 2010 purchases of this item to the Red Cross.

We take advantage of our corporate sample sale events to not only properly dispose of non-saleable product samples, but also allow our associates to share in rallying support for charitable initiatives. Recent events have generated significant donations for key causes we support. These sales also allow our associates to feel good, look good and do good at the same time – a wonderful way to live our values.