Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) guides the business decisions we make every day. With our values serving as a solid foundation, we have strengthened our approach to sustainability by integrating our goals into key business practices. Over time we have built the necessary internal programs, policies and structures to formalize our commitment. These guide our decisions, investments and partnerships, and they also empower our associates to live up to our ideals.

We formalized our commitment to CSR when we launched our Global Supplier Principles and Guidelines. Our CSR program began with a specific focus on monitoring factories, and has now evolved to coordinating social and environmental policies, practices and programs throughout the organization.

We are also working with external stakeholders to help expand our focus and impact.

The global CSR and Charitable Initiatives departments work cross-functionally across the organization to drive ANN INC.’s purpose-led initiatives throughout the business.

The commitment to CSR begins at the top of our company. Our company’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources has accountability for the program and reports directly to the President & CEO. The Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility and Charitable Initiatives has day-to-day responsibility for the program.

Reviewing and reporting on our performance is a key way we build sustainability into our business and throughout the ResponsiblyANN site you will find detailed information on our programs, initiatives and our performance.

For questions on our program, please contact us here.